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Acoustic music location recording firm BMP establishes Scottish production base

Updated: Jun 18

World class company specialising in recording classical, jazz, trad and acoustic music on location, celebrate their 35th year with the introduction of a production base in Scotland.

A sound control room with speakers, mixing desk, headphones and computer screens. Two smaller screens show audio editing software, a larger screen has a comic illustration of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster wearing headphones and in the loch with a castle behind flying the Scottish flag
Nessie gets in on the audio action in an Irn Bru fuelled mix session

BMP’s founder and senior recording engineer, Ken Blair writes

In January 2024, a hugely exciting development came to fruition as we established a music recording production base in Scotland. Alongside our existing work in London, the USA and Europe, this provides us with new opportunities to offer professional location recording and post-production services to labels, publishers, broadcasters and musicians across Scotland. 

Edinburgh’s Craighall Recording Studios, one of Scotland’s first professional studios, was the start point of my career, where I worked with Scottish Dance bands, Trad musicians, and on the annual Edinburgh Tattoo album. Although, since establishing bmp in Surrey in 1989 we have recorded several projects in Scotland, in places as diverse as Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye and St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh, the chance to come full circle and record more regularly in Scotland is a home coming dream come true!

We are centrally based in Perthshire within easy distance of performance venues in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth, and well placed for hitting the road with a recording rig north and south to the Highlands and Borders.

One of the beauties of being a location recording company is that by having a fully portable and modular recording rig, we can turn any suitable venue, in any location into a digital multitrack recording studio. For musicians this provides an alternative to recording in an acoustically dry studio and instead, work in the inspiring acoustics offered by concert halls, cathedrals and churches, or in the tranquility of the countryside, surrounded by mountains, lochs and big skies.

A Steinway grand piano, music stand, microphones and other recording equipment photographed from above
Location recording set up for violin and piano

With 35 years of experience in engineering, producing, editing, mixing and mastering acoustic music

projects, and with many award-winning recordings under our belt, bmp are trusted by international

record labels and music publishers, and equally by individual musicians, to plan recording projects, put artists at their ease during sessions, and deliver projects to the highest technical and musical standards.

Recognising that many albums and other recorded projects produced in Scotland receive support from Creative Scotland and other funders, we encourage artists and organisations involved in project planning to contact us before writing a funding application. On a 'no fee, no obligation' basis we will provide a detailed costing to slot into the recording element of your application, ensuring that all relevant items are included and the costs are realistic. We can also advise on choice of venue for recording projects.

Our core services include

•  Recording engineering on location for music recording sessions, live concerts or video shoots

•  Record production including session and post production supervision

•  Audio editing, mixing and mastering

•  A complete CD production service for musicians and ensembles

•  Video production

•  Project management

Our mission

•  Creating excellent sounding recordings 

•  Providing artists with a calm, friendly and enjoyable environment in which to perform

If you're in Scotland and planning an acoustic music project, call or email us for a chat to discover how we can help you bring your recording to life.

Call us on 01382 843345

BMP, world class music recording on location.

Credit: 'Nessie in Headphones' illustration by Daisy Blair, @the_inky_minx on Instagram

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