Record or film in a great venue


On Location services for musicians

  • Do you want to record or film in a superb performance venue?

  • Is the obligation to hire a whole day or multiple days stopping you?

With our on location recording and video services for musicians you can book from just half a day 

in a professional venue with our experienced sound recording or video team.


You could use the session to create promotional material,

record an album in stages or produce a competition entry etc.


On Location

3-hour recording session

Work with our producer and engineer in a great venue producing a broadcast-quality recording. Record up to 15 minutes of music with up to five players, which we'll then edit and master.


On Location

3-hour video shoot

Work with our video crew in a great venue producing a 4-camera HD shoot. Film up to 30 minutes of music with up to five players, which we'll then video edit into a finished programme.

About our production team

BMP is one of the UK's leading classical music recording companies. We've been providing sound and video recording services to musicians for over thirty years.

Ken Blair and Will Anderson, together with Oliver Bowring from our video partner, Musicarta Media, are graduates of the world-famous Tonmeister programme at the University of Surrey and, as well as being skilled audio and video engineers, are also trained musicians.

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Produce up to 15 minutes of

CD quality audio

£1420 (inc VAT)

Online meeting to talk about your project.

Venue hire

Recording engineer, all recording and communications equipment

Digital multitrack recording with simultaneous back up

Recording producer who will support you through the session and plot the music scores for the edit


1st and 2nd edit stages with a chance for you to listen and comment in between


Final edit and mastering


Master audio file sent to you




Produce up to 30 minutes of broadcast standard video

£1650 (inc VAT)

Online meeting to talk about your project.

Venue hire

Video director / camera operator

Sound recordist

All video and sound equipment

Video editing, addition of captions and credits

1st and 2nd edit stages with a chance for you to watch and comment in between

Final edit

Master video file sent to you


Your Questions Answered


How are you able to offer a 3-hour session on location?

Travelling to a venue and setting up recording equipment for just a three hour session wouldn’t normally be a viable plan. However, musicians have been telling us that this is what they would like. The way we are able make it work is by booking in multiple 3-hour session packages with different musicians or ensembles across at least a couple of days, meaning that the costs involved in the travel, setup, venue hire and packdown are shared. This way we’re able to offer incredible value. The trade off is that you won’t have quite as much flexibility in recording dates as we coordinate between several sets of performers and you may have to wait until we’ve a viable set of sessions in place. You can always suggest the package to your musical friends which might help to ensure that your recording can be made ASAP!


How long will it take?

Once we've pre booked all of the available slots we’ll arrange the recording session times. Each session will be 3 hours long including time to balance the sound and record. After the recording we would aim to have sent you the first edit within

4-6 weeks. You can then have anything up to two weeks to listen to the edit and send any comments you’d like us to address at the final edit stage. All that’s left is for us to complete the final edit, mix and master and send you the finished files which would normally be completed within a further four weeks. That means the longest a project could take would be around 3 months and usually less than that.


Where will the venue be and who will I be working with?

Our go to venue for this package is the outstanding Menuhin Hall in Stoke D'Abernon, Surrey. With it's superb isolation from the noise of the outside world, lovely acoustics and beautiful surroundings, it's the perfect place to work. This is likely to suit musicians in the south of England. For those in the north of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland we use equally excellent venues in your part of the country. For recording sessions you'll be working with a recording producer and an engineer and for video sessions; our videographer and recording engineer.


Can I record with other musicians?

Yes! This package is suitable for ensembles of up to 6 musicians, or vocal ensembles of up to 16 singers.  If your ensemble is small but doesn't fit within these parameters get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.


How does it work with payment?

Once we've had the online pre-production meeting and you've decided to book a recording date, we will ask for an online payment in full just in advance of the recording date.  


Do I need to do anything about copyright?

Generally there are three main rights attached to a recording: that of the performance within the recording, the actual sound recording itself and finally, that of the composer whose music is being performed. You would own the rights to the performance and, once the payment for the recording has been made to us, you will own the rights in the recording. The composition copyright situation depends on what music you are playing and how you intend to use the recording. If you are recording music by a living composer or one who died less than 75 years ago and intend to distribute and/or sell the recording in a physical or digital format then you must give copyright your attention to ensure that you have the relevant permissions and have dealt with any royalties due. We aren’t copyright experts but we would suggest looking at this article from the ISM [] and these articles from the PRS [] and [] to see what you would need to do. If you intend to perform only your own compositions (which you automatically own the rights to unless you've signed them over to a publisher) then you’ve got the full set and don’t need to worry about copyright at all.